Logos Quiz Game Answers (Android) Level 4

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Logos Quiz Answers Android Level 4  in Carlos Alcarria’s Version.

As the levels get harder, the game will also get more interesting to play. This is Logos Quiz Answers Android Level 4.

1. Red circle with a bat in it (Bacardi)

2. A trapezoid shape in blue with ‘P’ letter in it (Sap)

3. Two bulls hit each other and a sun behind it (Red Bull)

4. A green circle with a shape like unfinished number ‘8’ (Oxfam)

5. A silver circle with a thunderbolt-like shape in it (Opel)

6. A curvy shape in red (RipCurl)

7. A shape form ‘N’ letter in red (Sanyo)

8. A yellow rectangle (IMDB)

9. A rectangle with two shape crossing each other in the middle (Reebok)

10. ‘N’ and ‘B’ letter in red (New Balance)

11. A black circle with wings on it (Mini)

12. ‘c’ and ‘n’ letter in black (Canon)

13. A silver circle with two ‘S’ letter inside it (EA Sports)

14. A blue square with ‘in’ letter inside it (Linked In)

15. ‘F’ letter composed by red and black color (Fila)

16. An inflated shape in blue with a node beside it and three other shapes, one it is in red (Logitech)

17. A blue rectangle with ‘S’ and ‘T’ letter in it (Staedtler)

18. A blue oval with two triangles in it (Tata)

19. A globe in green and black and ‘N’ letter inside it (Netscape)

20. ‘M’ letter (MMS).

21. A silhouette of a child fishing while sitting on an old moon (Dreamworks)

22. Orange circle with green triangle in it and letter look similar with ‘C’ and ‘A’ letter (Lotus)

23. A blue circle with ‘E’ letter in it (Dell)

24. Two ‘C’ letters (Chanel)

25. A golden cross (Chevrolet)

26. A trapezoid shape with ‘I’ letter in it (Levis)

27. ‘ll’ and ‘z’ letter with a circle beside it and three line in the middle of the circle (Allianz)

28. Two lines form two circles in black and brown and a red circle inside it (Lucky Strike)

29. A shape that arranged by some blue and white triangles with ‘K’ letter in blue (TDK)

30. ‘W’ and ‘B’ letter in black (Warner Bros)

31. A purple circle with three arrow point to three different directions (Yamaha)

32. Two ‘s’ letter (Siemens)

33. Three birds in a nest (Nestle)

34. A square with ‘N’ letter in it (Nivea)

35. ‘P’ letter in red (Pirelli)

36. A panda in black and white (WWF)

37. ‘V’ letter in red  (JVC)

38. A shape looks like a blooming flower in yellow (Chupa Chups)

39. A green circle with a red shape in it and a line form a rectangle cover it (Castrol)

40. A curvy shape form ‘B’ letter (Blackberry).

The Logos Quiz Answers Android Level 4 is done. You can continue to the next level.

Logos Quiz Answers Android1 300x146 Logos Quiz Game Answers (Android) Level 4

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