Logo Quiz Game Answers (Android) Level 3

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This walkthrough is for Logos Quiz Answers Android Level 3 (Carlos Alcarria’s Version).

1. Blue circle with red head of an eagle with a crown on it (Saab)

2. Combined ‘R’ and ‘V’ letter in red (Roncato)

3. The silhouette of a man lifts a child with a globe behind it and leaves surround it in blue (UNICEF)

4. Silhouette of a woman with a long hair (Wella)

5. A globe that arranged by parts of unfinished puzzle (Wikipedia)

6. A silver symbol with ‘M’ letter inside it (Mazda)

7. Two squares in different color black and white with ‘C’ and ‘N’ letter in each square ( Cartoon Network)

8. ‘D’ letter with two green triangles beside it (AMD)

9. Nine different lines with different length in blue that form two triangle (Cisco)

10. Purple brushing with ‘M’ letter in it (Milka)

11. Brown square with ‘N’ letter in it (Nespresso)

12. Blue square with ‘O’ letter in it (Fosters)

13. Red ‘F’ letter (FireStone)

14. Two ‘X’ letter in red (Exxon)

15. An oval shape with three tip of mountains in blue inside it (Evian)

16. A black circle with another circle in the middle that looks like an eye (CBS)

17. ‘S’ letter in blue (Asus)

18. A globe that composed by three different color twisted (Filmax)

19. A black head arrow with circle behind it and ‘D’ letter inside the circle (Dunlop)

20. A blue oval (Ford).

21. An orange lion (Ing)

22. ‘I’ and ‘V’ letter (Iveco)

23. A purple bell (Tacobell)

24. Two circle with orange and yellow color and ‘er’ letter in the middle (MasterCard)

25. A circle with a woman’s face in the middle (Versace)

26. Blue circle with ‘Z’ letter in the middle (Zurich)

27. A red globe with crossing white line in the middle (Xerox)

28. A rectangle that composed by two blue rectangle and two other rectangles in red and white color (Tommy Hilfiger)

29. A silver circle with a star that composed by three triangle in the middle (Mercedes)

30. ‘g’ letter with a red umbrella (Citigroup)

31. An emblem with yellow as the dominant color and it is separated into four different shape and a horse in another emblem in the middle (Porsche)

32. ‘j’ letter in red with and ornament on it (Fujitsu)

33. A yellow triangle with ‘T’ letter (Caterpillar)

34. A red emblem with ‘H’ letter in it (Heinz)

35. A red 3 (3M)

36. ‘T’ letter with four dots (Tmobile)

37. Two ‘o’ letter with interjection mark (Hayoo)

38. ‘s’ letter in pink and ‘r’ letter in the middle of a star (Toys Rus)

39. Two wings with a green rectangle in the middle (Aston Martin)

40. ‘V’ letter (Virgin).

Well done, you can continue to the next level.

Logos Quiz Answers Android1 300x146 Logo Quiz Game Answers (Android) Level 3


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